Game Description: Ghost Pirates Attack is a game with Scooby doo where you will need to ghidezi on scoby doo and shaggy by pirates ship which is being ruled by some ghosts very scary, all you have to do is to find all indicile on the ship so you can find the path of iesitre, you will need to you should stay away from ghosts because at any given time Scobby doo and shaggy will be very frightened and the game will be over, he tries now this new game and collect all the things that you will be able to help you very carefully to the time it is afiseat over to the right hand side to that if it will end up during the game will be ended, so grabestete and found All indication to go further away from the top-level

Game Instruction: Use the arrows on the keyboard, spacebar to remove for action, and T key to select the next invention

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Game rate: 100 / 100

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