Game Description: Fairway Solitaire is a card game where we have to arrange books on poker in ascending order or descending , once you will arrange all column from K to A poker books will disappear from the table, and you will release the game, you will have the 5 columns of books up and a string of books down and these books must be arranged in ascending order or descending poker each book must be placed on top of another and made out a string of books published in a number of books in this order, solitarie Fairway is the newest game of Solitarie and if you know very well with the game of cards then you can play this game and to Arrange books of poker as far as properly to be able to be removed all the pack of books

Game Instruction: Use your mouse to play this poker game with Fairway Solitaire

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Game rate: 85 / 100

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About Fairway Solitaire

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