Game Name: CASPER

Game Description: Casper you will need to protect the good friends of uncles who are ghosts and who wish to scare off all people, but Casper is a ghost friendly and wants to drive them away on his uncles until it is too late to leave the house again before it is too late, Casper is a ghost pretty face which doesn't want to upset anyone, and his uncle Casper wish to scare you as much crowd to have fun,Casper does not want this but your mission is to help Casper drive them away on his uncles and not to leave them to frighten the people of the house, his uncle Casper will appear around the room and you will Ought to be exactly the same in the place where they show, Casper wishes to drive them away from his uncle to not scare anyone, b>> will provide a game with Casper a new game and free of charge, which we hope to entertain yourself along with Casper and walk away from each level

Game Instruction: Use your mouse with you on Casper cordonate to allay all phantoms who will try to scare people in the house

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Played By: 966 Ori

Game rate: 85 / 100

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About Casper

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